We custom manufacture doors to fit any size shower opening. Just give us a call and we will come measure your shower, discuss your options and quote you a price.

We can order your glass with Briteguard coating. The once only application repels grime, dirt and soap scum making the surface easier to clean, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%. Briteguard acts as a shield to seal the porosity of the surface, allowing contaminants to reside on an easy to clean protective coating. It also protects the surface against staining and etching from mineral deposits and salt corrosion. Contact us for an estimate.

There is no charge for an estimate if you 25km or closer to our Spruce Grove shop. Otherwise, the cost is $100 or more depending on the kilometres. This covers the cost of our estimator’s time to come and measure. This is payable in advance. However, if you go ahead and order our product, we will deduct the $100 from your final cost.

No, you have a sealed unit in your window which is manufactured to certain specifications and has to be replaced as a unit.

We can replace any of the glass in your vehicle which includes the outside rear view mirrors. Contact us for an estimate.

No – glass is the same quality wherever it is made. There are more vehicles on the roads now driving at faster speeds, which causes more debris to be thrown at your windshield at much higher rates of speed, which will sand blast the windshield at a much faster rate than before.

We require your vehicle for a minimum of 4 hours – the windshield is part of the structure of your vehicle and in the case of newer vehicles, the passenger airbag bounces off the windshield when it deploys. We won’t release the vehicle until the urethane is set.

The process consists of injecting a special formulated resin into the damaged area, then exposing it to ultra violet light which cures it. This process restores 100% of the structural integrity and in most cases a good deal of the clarity of the damaged area.

Most repairs take 15 minutes and we can do it while you wait. If we do more than two at the same time, then it will be 30 minutes or more.  We do recommend that you book an appointment.

Sometimes if the chip is on the perimeter of the windshield where there’s more pressure and when the vacuum press is applied, then there is a chance of it spreading, however if the attempt to repair it wasn’t made, the chip would’ve definitely resulted in a crack.